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Intelligent Aggressor is a software simulation package that provides management of intelligent opposing forces in tactical naval surface warfare scenarios. Controlling large numbers of entities such as ships, boats, vehicles, and aircraft in training simulations requires a number of humans acting as the brains of the entities. This is expensive and difficult to coordinate. Intelligent Aggressor enables a single simulation instructor to maintain situational awareness of and command 100+ entities (ships, boats, airplanes, submarines) and meets the demands of tactical decision making training against FAC/FIAC swarms. Today, SWOS, Newport uses Intelligent Aggressor in tactical decision making training for surface warfare officers.  Instructors can now create, manage, and use significantly more complex scenarios with larger numbers of entities, engaging in more complex maneuvers, to thus deliver more realistic decision making training.



To solve the problem of controlling 100+ entities in a training simulation, scientists at the University of Nevada Reno have created Intelligent Aggressor (IA). This system allows the users to track and control more than 100 entities at once through intelligent autonomy and an intuitive game-like user interface. It also allows the user to replace expensive human trainers with artificial intelligence.




  • IA leverages instructor expertise with artificial intelligence saving instructor costs
  • Supports surface, sub-surface, and air assets
  • Enables more realistic training
  • Saves time during scenario authoring
  • Enables more complex and realistic scenarios



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