Electrolytes for the Reversible Electrodeposition of Nonnoble Metals on Transparent Electrodes

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A window that can control light and heat flow insides and outsides of a building upon user demands is referred to as a dynamic window. A dynamic window can play a vital role for next-generation zero net energy buildings and the electrification of automobiles by reducing lighting, heating, and cooling demands. Dynamic windows could also be used for various other applications like switchable sunglasses, mirrors, displays, and transparent batteries.


Researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno have developed a new class of electrolytes that facilitate the reversible electrodeposition of non-noble metals on transparent conducting electrodes. These electrolytes are applicable to dynamic windows and other technologies that contain an optoelectronically switchable material. This innovation improves the stability, switching speed, and lifespan of optoelectronic devices.


  • Improved stability and lifespan of optoelectronic devices using non-acidic electrolytes
  • Improved switching speeds and cyclability of optoelectronic devices
  • Can be applied as a film 
  • Cost effective

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A provisional patent application was filed in April 2021


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