Batch Cyclic Redox Reactor

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The combustion of hydrocarbons which include fossil and synthetic fuels can produce power and heat; however, it can be difficult to protect the environment from greenhouse gases produced in air-based combustion reactions. Thus, there is a need for a combustion reactor that is both environmentally-friendly and economical for moderately-sized installations, or more specifically a more economical moderate-power redox reactor system.



Our researchers have created a novel batch-cyclic redox reactor system which includes a pair of anti-synchronously operated batch-cyclic redox reactors where each can be operated in a fuel mode and an air mode. Our technology can be used for continuous power generation in an environmentally-friendly way.  Our batch cyclic redox reactor will significantly benefit industry as seen with the advantages described below.



  • Our system operates a pair of reactors in complementary fashion to provide economically for continuous and ecologically-friendly power generation without having to shuttle oxidation particles between reactors.
  • Our reactor system includes a carbon dioxide capture unit to limit the emission of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.
  • Our invention can employ one reactor for example, where continuous combustion is not required, a single reactor can be used in ways such as to contribute to a power grid or for temporary standby power.
  • Additional reactors in both fuel-mode and air-mode may be used where higher power output is required.
  • Our system can reduce the number of reactors needed.







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