A Multiprocessor Automotive Electronic Control Unit

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The Automotive Electronic Control Unit (AECU) market for 2016 was estimated to be around 34 billion. It is estimated to reach 56 billion by 2024. AECU are embedded electrical systems that are responsible for monitoring and controlling all aspects of a transportation vehicles operation. However, the electrical systems in modern cars are susceptible to faults (permanent and transient) and security attacks. Researchers at the University of Nevada are moving to make AECUs more reliable and safer from faults and hacking attacks.



The proposed AECU can be used for a multitude of control and infotainment systems. Examples include transmission control, engine control, temperature control, lighting control, and future x-by-wire systems. This new AECU has a unique electronic hardware architecture. The new AECU is 32 times faster and 2 time more energy efficient than existing AECUs. A prototype has been built and tested. This product is not only useful for the automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and semiconductor companies making AECUs but also for companies manufacturing electronic control systems for aerial vehicles.



  • Simultaneous integration of security and dependability primitives
  • Resistance against faults (permanent and transient) and security hacking 
  • Improved performance of 32-fold over current systems
  • Improved energy efficiency of 2 times over current systems
  • Compatible with existing system for rapid adoption and integration
  • Patent filed 2017





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