Multiphase Physical Transport Modeling Method & Modeling System

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Modeling multiple physical flows in two or more interacting physical phases can often become so complex as to require sophisticated computational methods and extensive computer resources. However, even the best available computing equipment may lag the calendar.  Conventional modeling methods may have difficulty in generating adequately detailed data at a useful pace. The incorporation of two or more stand-alone model elements into a coupled simulation may introduce problems relating to code incompatibilities, source-code-level programming needs, and quality-control problems of large codes developed by multiple groups of independent authors.



Our researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno have created a general, computational-mathematical modeling method for the solution of large, boundary-coupled transport problems involving the flow of mass, momentum, energy, or subatomic particles. The method employs a modeling processor that extracts a matrix operator equation or set of equations from a numerical transport code. The outputs, available for modeling physical problems governed by conservation laws in the form of differential equations, can be processed into closed-form operator equations.



  • Our technology enables modeling efficiency and availability to be increased, while computational complexity and cost decreased.
  • Computational times for complex modeling problems can be dramatically reduced, for example by several orders of magnitude.
  • Our invention provides a method of modeling a physical transport system where a physical entity is transported in a physical phase, solving time-and space-variable transport problems.
  • Our modeling method can be applied to large-scale numerical models, on-line or remote computing, and hydrothermal or ventilation designs of large systems such as high-level nuclear waste repositories.





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